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This page describes the main changes since pythondialog 2.12 in a form suitable for human consumption. For the full details, or for changes in older versions, you may refer to the Git repository (you can click on “History”, or clone the repository and use git log). Alternatively, you should be able to find a ChangeLog file in any release tarball.

Python 2 users

Since version 2.12, the reference implementation of pythondialog is written for Python 3. However, a backport of pythondialog 3.4.0 to Python 2 is available here. Users who really want to stick to Python 2 should use version 3.4.0 or, as a last resort, version 2.11:

  • version 2.11 is 100 %-compatible with previous releases, but is now very old, is missing a lot of improvements compared to more recent releases, and only supports Python 2;
  • version 3.4.0 is recent, available for both Python 2 and Python 3, but has a few small incompatibilities with versions 2.x that are summarized below. Besides, before using pythondialog 3 under Python 2, be sure to read the backport-specific notes in the README.rst file (HTML rendering for the latest version here).

The naming of each tarball clearly indicates which major version of Python it has been prepared for (well, this is the case for the SourceForge download page and the PyPI entry for the Python 2 backport, but unfortunately not for the main PyPI entry, where the name of uploaded tarballs is constrained by the entry name).

Main changes in version 3.4.0

The main changes in version 3.4.0 are:

Main changes in version 3.3.0

The main changes in version 3.3.0 are:

Main changes in version 3.2.2

The main changes in version 3.2.2 are:

Main changes in version 3.2.1

The main change in version 3.2.1 is an improved tutorial chapter in the pythondialog Manual.

Main changes in version 3.2.0

The main changes in version 3.2.0 are:

Main changes in version 3.1.0

The main changes in version 3.1.0 are:

Main changes in version 3.0.1

Compared to version 3.0.0, version 3.0.1 has minor improvements and a backport to Python 2. Go to the PyPI entry for the Python 2 backport for more information concerning this backport.

Main changes in version 3.0.0

The major version number has been increased because this version is not completely backward-compatible with version 2. However, the backward-incompatible changes are small and unlikely to affect many people, if any (see below). The main changes in version 3.0.0 are:

Main changes in version 2.14.1

The main changes in version 2.14.1 are:

Main changes in version 2.14.0

The main changes in version 2.14.0 are:

Main changes in version 2.13.1

The main change in version 2.13.1 is:

Main changes in version 2.13

The main changes in version 2.13 are:

Main changes in version 2.12

The main changes in version 2.12 are:


1. This could be useful if you (somewhat strangely) chose a backtitle that starts with a double dash (“--”). Without dash escaping, it might be mistaken for a dialog option.